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The Qatar Society for Rehabilitation of Special Needs

the qatar society for rehabilitation of special needs

The work in the field of caring the people of special needs, has its own reasons which are not limited in its humanitarian side which tempts us to help these people having different disabilities but as human beings they have their own rights, and therefore, they must have their own stands and equal opportunities. Among the said reasons is also the need of the society to share the bounties and well beings gained by its individuals with these people so that we can avoid their feeling that any certain disability or defect in them has been preventing them from the opportunities available to their counterparts.

The care and support to the people of special needs are really a part of the great and excellent nature on which our society has grown up and known by our forefathers, which are followed by their children and grandchildren. There is a well organized system that guarantees to these people all kinds of chances which will enable them to posses the productive powers and help them to be individuals whose disability does not force them to be tied up in a dark corner of the life.

I do write these words with full trust and confidence that our society has brightening wisdom, philanthropic hands, loving powers in its humanity which encourage them to care for the people of special needs. It has drawn such polices which are similar, if not above, to their counterparts in the advanced countries.

In our great and challenging society and in its values, samples, principles and concentrations it has given birth to this great woman HH Sheika Moza Bint Nasser Al Misnad, whose efforts in this field has been winning the interest of the world as a whole. The organizations established by her have become the most important social organizations which care for the welfare and treatment of these people in our modern age.

Under this purposeful leadership and great model, the man should not only to evaluate her efforts and share with the world in appreciating her but all of us should be the working power and useful contributor in the field that cares for the people of special needs.

The matter also requires the renovation in the administration of these organizations, drawing new policies and ambitions which translate its objectives and transfer it to the fact having remarkable results and reverberations.

Indeed the care and support extended to the people of special needs have achieved the international standards and directories codified in the society which prepares and indices to its wisdom, greatness and values. These people cannot be properly cared for only by adding them to the economic power or the power of the counterparts but they should be brought to the common mind in the society forcing them to extend their hands to these peoples and care for these people consisting of our dears, brothers and sons to whom we should extend our hands to take them to a wide world filled with many changes. We should leave no stone unturned for conducing researches, innovations and different scientific productions to mitigate the impediments and submit alternatives to avoid their disabilities or meet their needs or minimize the consequences of their difficulties.

As such, each Qatari family today should not be forced to treat the disabilities they have no as they had treated it previously. For our dearest nation Qatar, with the bounty of its wise leadership, has succeeded in providing a number of social organizations which carry out ideal services with their available powers that exceeds the powers of their counterparts in the advanced countries.

All of us are required to exert our maximum efforts for these people and add contributions to the endeavours of our society in this field. Our organization ‘Qatar Society for Rehabilitation of Special Needs” has a big balance which we spend for its development, offering continued contributions and modifications so that it can pace with the developments witnessed in our society and the world.

We should be a part of the system of a society which has made, added and incorporated great organizations for these people, performing its message with trust and sincerity so that the Society would become a part of the Qatari civil societies which play visible and important roles with the help of a group of sincere workers whose efforts we appreciate and evaluate their roles as required. Wishing and praying for the help of the Almighty to serve our nation Qatar and its great people.



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