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Sharq Medical Supply

Although still a relatively new company (we opened our doors in 2009), Sharq Medical Supply has already made its mark in the healthcare sector in Qatar.
Its distribution business covers dental, medical and healthcare supplies, equipment and appliances, as well as equipping and installIing state-of-the-art research centres and laboratories. From the beginning the company has set its sights on achieving exemplary customer service and sourcing the best services and products from around the world.
While rapid sales growth is pleasing, at Sharq we are most proud of the satisfaction we have given our customers. The focus of our business is, and always will be, helping our customers provide the best healthcare to their customers.


By providing the best and most up-todate medical technology and a top quality after-sales and maintenance service, Sharq Medical Supply will facilitate the work of healthcare providers and enhance human health in Qatar and the Gulf.


To be one of the most successful and sought after provider of state-of-the-art medical equipment to the health sector in the Gulf.


Efficiency and excellence. These essential criteria guide us when selecting both our staff and our products and ensure that we recommend the best and most appropriate solution for our clients’ needs. Commitment to leadership. We aim to earn our clients’ trust and loyalty and be their first choice by always giving them the best products and services. Safety and ease of handling. These aspects are our prime consideration whenever anyone handles our products.

Sharq Medical Division

The Sharq Supply division provides a full supply and service for hospitals, surgeries and medical centres. It can supervise complete projects from design to installation of all the necessary equipment or recommend and install single pieces of equipment and furniture.

Sharq offers a high quality range of products, sourced from the world’s most prestigious companies, which include hospital furniture, diagnostic products, surgical supplies and daily living aids.

Sharq Medical Supply is in the field of medical equipment industry for both sales and maintenance services. Our expertise in different specialties enables us to interact with the medical communities effectively and professionally. During the past years, Sharq Medical Supply successfully fulfilled the needs of clinicians and medical staff through the high quality of its products and ultimately increased the quality of patient care provided by them. In addition to the full execution of our projects from design, installation and excellent service.

Sharq Medical Supply has the opportunity to build a successful partnership with the most innovative companies from across the world.
We provide a wide range of Linet electrical beds, pressure mattresses, Borcad gynecological chairs, delivery beds, dialysis chairs, Medicasa furniture, Ferno for EMS, Meyra wheelchairs and Guldmann mobile lifters.
An extensive range of consumable equipment from Timesco laryngoscope to full diagnostic set, surgery set and Inventis otoscopes.



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