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Qish rehabilitation Center

Qish rehabilitation Center is the dream project of Mr.NiyasKavungal, an Indian national who is an Audiology Engineer by profession and has been working in the field of rehabilitation for the past 10 years. His vision was made realistic by the few likeminded expats who provided financial support to start one of its kind in the state of Qatar. Initially Speech therapy and Audiology were the services offered by Qish rehabilitation Center. Demand for more specialised therapies increased and Qatar Institue for Speech & Hearing has grown up to a multi-disciplinary centre offering Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Psychology, Special education, Audiology, Speech therapy and a pre-school for special needs children. Over the years Qish rehabilitation Center has become the one and only multi-disciplinary medical centre in the state of Qatar registered under the Supreme Council of Health.


  • Every life has a purpose and values
  • Every Individual has the right to give and receive love
  • Family is the first natural support and fundamental unit of the society
  • All people deserve dignity, quality services and support
  • All the members of the community should be made aware about the rights, responsibilities and duties towards
  • individuals with special needs and handicap.Qatar Institue for Speech & Hearing

Qish rehabilitation Center Service


Department of Audiology in Qish rehabilitation Center strives to provide the finest professional service for the persons with hearing difficulties .It is dedicated to provide patient centered evidence based clinical best practice service for all who are in communication and hearing needs. We have a of professionally qualified and certified, experienced audiology team deliver diagnostic and rehabilitation service in a congenial environment. The institute conducts Audiological evaluation for the entire range of affected population from newborn to elderly clients. Qatar Institue for Speech & Hearing is equipped with state of art advanced Audiological equipment and uses a test battery to arrive at clinical diagnosis. Audiological services at Qatar Institue for Speech & Hearing includes case history taking, Pediatric Diagnostic test such as (Behavioral Observation Audiomerty , Play Audiometry etc) , Pure tone Audiometry(PTA), Immitance Audiometry, Acoustic reflex , Otto acoustic emission, Hearing Aid Trail and fitting, Verification and validation of hearing aid, REM etc.


Speech and Language evaluations and treatment are available for people of all ages. A comprehensive speech and language evaluation includes standardised and informal measures to appropriately assess the oral mechanism, speech sound articulation, speech production during co-articulation, receptive and expressive language (understanding language and expressing oneself at an age appropriate level) and fluency of speech. The series of assessment tools vary depending upon the individual needs of the patient. All testing is conducted by speech language pathologist licenced under the supreme council of health, Qatar. All the Speech language pathologists at Qatar Institue for Speech & Hearing are well qualified to properly assess both children and adults with speech and language problems. They hold a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in speech language pathology and have many years of experience treating children with speech, language and hearing difficulties.


The occupational therapy department at Qatar Institue for Speech & Hearing specialized in the treatment of children with autism spectrum disorder, sensory-motor deficits, learning disability and other developmental disorders. Our highly experienced and certified occupational therapists talk/discuss with each child’s family to set goals and strategies to meet individual need in day to day life at home, at school and within the society. Our complete professionals are well versed with the latest occupational therapy trends and equipment. Children that we see may show weakness in the areas of sensory processing and modulation, oral motor skills, feeding, handwriting, visual motor abilities, perceptual skills, motor planning, self-care performance, muscle strength, postural stability and fine and gross motor skills. We incorporate variety of standardized assessment and evidence based therapy approaches.


Pediatric physical therapists in Qish rehabilitation Center evaluate and provide intervention for children, aged birth through adolescence, who is experiencing developmental delays or functional Limitations as a result of a disorder, trauma, injury, or other disease process.


Psychology department at Qish rehabilitation Center provides specialized services primarily Clinical Psychology and Neuro- Rehabilitation. Psychology Clinic therapists offer cutting-edge, research-based diagnostic and treatment services. We serve adults adolescents and children.


Early intervention program at Qish rehabilitation Center is a range of services designed to intervene at the early stages of an infant or toddler’s disability. Early intervention program at Qatar Institute for Speech & Hearing is designed to serve children with disability under the age of three, and families who care for them.



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