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Icon Medical

Icon Medical is the new comer in the healthcare market . Icon Medical provide specialized orthopedics , neurosurgery and neurology treatment as one integrated package .Icon Medical has a fully equipped state of the art center for physiotherapy & rehabilitation in addition to open MRI and X-Ray Facilities . This is all serviced by our integrated laboratory that covers all possible diagnostic investigations .

Icon Medical Services

General Medicine

Icon Medical General Practitioners provide comprehensive primary care for children and adult patients, managing all aspects of health concerns and needs including preventive medicine services, assessment and treatment of acute medical problems. Our healthcare providers are doctors of many specialties, physiotherapists and certified nurse practitioners supported by laboratory technologists, radiological technologists and pharmacists.


Our professional team of consultants in Icon Medical specialize in treating various injuries and diseases associated to musculoskeletal system (bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves) including arthritis, congenital deformities, sports medicine and trauma injuries; performing joint replacement surgery and repair fractures in bones using corrective devices like braces, casts, and splints as well as general orthopedics with extensive experience in treating all patient needs.


Icon Medical team of specialists treats patients with neurological problems related to the improvement of their memory and speech, performing back and spinal surgeries, diagnosing brain cancer and brain tumors. In order to provide continuity in care for optimal recovery our Neurosurgery Consultants collaborate closely with highly trained physiotherapists, who provide rehabilitation therapy after a successful neurological surgery. ICON is also a first specialised medical clinic in Qatar with Paediatric Neurology Department dealing with neurological problems in children.

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

The goal of Icon Medical physiotherapy department is to bring the life of our patients back to normal, to make daily tasks and activities easier to perform. We offer physical therapy services for diverse medical conditions such as: general musculoskeletal pain, post-operative rehabilitation, impaired movement after stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury or other neurologic diagnoses. ICON chiropractors are well-trained western qualified practitioners working with state-of-the art-equipment aiming at safety and best functional outcomes.

Sports Medicine

Icon Medical specializes in managing and covering everything pertaining to sports health dieting, exercise and training. We are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of sports-related injuries. Whether it is an injury or pain from wear and tear, our goal is to develop an individualized plan to return our patients to their normal activities. IC ON practitioners work alongside and complement other sport and healthcare professionals by designing and implementing exercise and rehabilitation programs to enhance health, wellbeing and performance of our patients.


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afaaq 2016-01-09 09:38:18

best center in qatar

issad 2015-08-15 19:35:39

Dr.sameh in icon medical center is one of the best neurology doctors in Qatar


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