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Dr.Abdulla Razak Dental Clinic

Dr.Abdulla Razak Dental Clinic Equipped with the latest dental technology . our team assures patient-oriented dental treatments with outstanding quality and results. World class sterilization protocols and quality maintenance with excellent ambience is our greatest strength.We are firmly committed to pain free dentistry keeping you healthy and smiling with confidence. We embrace technological change and are proud to use state of the art services for our patients.From invisible braces to dental veneers, our dentists have extensive training to provide you with the perfect smile that you have always wanted. Tooth whitening is an easy way to brighten and make your smile more youthful.

Dr.Abdulla Razak Dental Clinic Services

Root Canal Treatment

One of the important treatment on teeth, it is done to repair badly damaged or infected tooth. It saves your tooth instead of removing it. In this process canal in tooth’s root is cleaned.Tooth Extraction Dentist and oral surgeons removes teeth that is damaged completely or decayed. Extra teeths also removed from crowded mouth. Gum disease also needs necessary extract the tooth or teeth.

Implant Surgery

An artificial tooth root is placed into your jaw which hold a replacement tooth or bridge. If you have lost a tooth or teeth due to some reason then dental implant may be an option to you.


Having problems with your bite (malocclusion)? Dr.Abdulla Razak Dental Clinic Orthodontic treatments can help you. Orthodontics will corrects teeth and jaws that are positioned improperly in your mouth.

Cosmetic Dentistry

In Dr.Abdulla Razak Dental Clinic A perfect smile is what everyone is looking today. Teeth Whitening, Bonding, Veneers, Crowns, Enamel Shaping and Contouring, Braces, Bridges and Implants all come under cosmetic dentistry.

General Dentistry

All types of dental treatment comes under general dentistry. Dr.Abdulla Razak Dental Clinic have listed those dental clinics form canada who provides presonalised, high quality dental care for you and your loved one.



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Dr.Abdulla Razak Dental Clinic gives best dental clinics in Qatar

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best dental in qatar

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Best dentist and excellent service!


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