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Crown Dental Lab

We understand that our attention to the details of each and every case is what it takes to be a consistent stress free for you the Dentist crown dental lab  as well as your patients.The high quality material, perfect fits, cosmetic look, accurate appointments, insures the smile of you and your patient. Es there are 4 technicians and two employee working in the lab. and we are planning to increase the employee to 12 person soon. From the beginning we plane to developing our techniques and machines, 2004 we start the In-Ceram®, 2005 the Empress®, and finally in 2006 we are the first lab. In Qatar start working the Zircon®. We are looking forward to establishing long-term dental business relationships crown dental lab  with dentists, orthodontists, dental lab technicians, and other dental practitioners from around the world. We hope to be your partner and to assist you in any way we can.

Crown Dental Lab Products

Now Crown Dental Lab can offer you all your needs by CAD CAM system and offer you wide assortment of dental restoration, includes the high technicality and the latest technology with ideal care.

  • Zircon,Titanium Crown & Bridge,Implant Apatments,Veneers,Hollywood  smile,CrCo,Temporary Crown & Bridge
  • Crown & Bridge
  • PFM – porcelain fused to precious metal.
  • PFM – porcelain fused to non precious metal.
  • Implants – We specialize in the planning and fabrication of all implant systems.
  • Metal Free Porcalain
  • Zircon Crown / Bridge
  • Orthodontic
  • Study Model.
  • Retainer.
  • Medline Expansion screw.
  • Single space maintainer.
  • TMJ appliance.
  • Reverse labial arch.
  • Functional appliances. (Mono).
  • Sectional screw.
  • Nance.
  • Quad Helix.
  • Bite Plane on Appliance.
  • T-spring or Z-spring.

Crown Dental Lab Services

Crown Dental Lab extends Free daily pickup and delivery, Live, responsive telephone service, Expedited delivery available for some products.

  • Crown & Bridge.
  • Removables.
  • Implants .
  • Veneers.
  • CrCo frames.
  • All removables.

New Arrivals

The Ceramill Motion2 5Xon arrival

With the Ceramill Motion 2 it will be possible to retain the value creation chain of prosthetic and framework digital fabrication almost entirely inhouse. Ceramill Motion 2 combines the 5-axis milling technique (wet/dry) with the wet-grinding technique in a compact machine. The machine can be used not only as a purely dry or wet system, but can also be operated in the wet and dry combination mode. In the combination mode operation can be easily changed between milling and grinding mode (by exchanging the blank holder).



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Crown Dental Lab gives you best dental products in Qatar


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