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Byblos Medical Center

Byblos Medical Center is an industry leader in providing quality cosmetic and reconstructive Surgery including, non-surgical cosmetic dermatology solutions, lasers, esthetic dentistry, weight management and wellness services. Depending on the location and size of the center, our boutique one stop centers are designed to keep you look and feel your best, offering a large team of qualified sub-specialists in plastic and reconstructive surgery to give you the power of choice. In many cases we manage our own hospitals or same day surgery centers. In Byblos we provide faster treatment, greater precision and a unique solution for sub mental fat, facial lifting and rejuvention.

Byblos Medical Center Services

Dental Clinic

in Byblos Medical Center A smile is an asset. It breaks barriers, generates warmth, adds compassion and glamour to one’s face. To many, the pain associated with being in the dentist’s chair is worth the confidence and poise imparted by a smile makeover. Byblos Medical Center also has several well learned and expert dentists at their renowned clinic, who have range of dental expertise, such as they can replace the damaged teeth with better and stronger ones, brighten the dark ones or we can simply fill up the gap in between the aching teeth. Besides, to accomplish such objectives, Byblos Medical Center have wide range of techniques and procedures at our disposal. But before going for any specific procedure we need to focus upon its numerous aspects like what can be gained from a particular procedure or what can be prominent risks and advantages of certain procedure and even some of the necessary care to be taken afterwards.
We accept most insurance companies.

  • Dental Implant
  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Invisalign (teeth straightening)
  • Facial Harmony
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Tooth Bonding
  • Porcelain Inlays
  • Bad Breath
  • Gum Disease

Hair transplant Clinic

in Byblos Medical Center Hair transplant technique is especially designed to treat the first stages of male and female diffuse hair loss. Hair Implant is a simple, quick, outpatient procedure that offers an Immediate Aesthetic Result and a high quantity of hairs. It is suitable to solve male and female Baldness (alopecia) at any age and stage and whenever it is necessary to strengthen the Aesthetic Result of other techniques. Its requires to carry out small periodical re-implants to maintain the desired level of hair thickening and the need to have a proper scalp hygiene and proper after care. The best results are obtained on case of hair thinning and on medium severity baldness (alopecia).

  • Transplanted hair last a lifetime
  • Adapted to men and women of any age
  • Painless: simple local anesthesia is sufficient
  • Causes little bleeding, has no deep stitches
  • Has no risk of infection or complications
  • Heals quickly and almost invisibly in the days after the procedure
  • No Hair Loss
  • Leaves no scars and wounds

Laser Hair Removal Clinic


in Byblos Medical Center The first micro cellular stimulation to redefine body and face… Scientific research into the structure of the skin helps us better comprehend the pathological transformations of the connective tissue. We therefore have a greater understanding of phenomena such as edema and fibrosis and the difficulties of treatments to reduce cellulite and localized fat deposits. Only a new method of micro-alveolar stimulation can produce an action suited to the reticular (micro-vacuolar) structure of the skin. The new treatment heads allow precise action on all areas of the face, neck and breast and other contained parts of the body.


in Byblos Medical Center The only treatment in the world able to generate 1180 micro-alveolar stimulations for every dm of the body. The effects of this technological innovation, associated with motorized palpé roulé or subdermal tissue massage, are just amazing: the micro-alveolar stimulation created by ICOONE is effective on the micro-vacuolar structure and so on adipose cells and the extra-cellular matrix without putting any stress on the tissue. The result is an infinitely precise, multi-dimensional massage on the treated area.


Byblos Medical Center will create a plan for you that includes what, how much and when to eat. We will guide you to achieve your weight goal (lose, gain or maintain) by providing a free, personalized, healthy eating plan using foods everybody eats. We will even consider your food preferences. Diets often require special foods and do not include foods you like. Any diet may be successful in the short term if it has fewer calories than you need to maintain weight, but diets don’t help you change eating habits for long term or help maintain your lower weight. Most diets are used short term and diets are so different from the way most people usually eat. After people go off a diet, they re-gain weight when they return to their pre-diet eating habits.

Plastic Surgery Clinic

in Byblos Medical Center Works on each millimeter of the face, neck and breast….
1 Robomini handpiece: the smallest motorised massage-head in the world.
1 Robomicro support with 3 interchangeable Micro Heads: for a precise action in tight areas.
    Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles even in the most delicate areas.plastic2
    Remodeling of facial contours – rediscover their harmony.
    Toning and draining action for smoother, tighter, glowing skin.
    The micro-alveolar treatment favours liquid exchange and stimulate lipolysis for extraordinary results.
    Thanks to the “Focus” treatment, areas with excess fat are specifically stimulated to obtain amazing results even in the most difficult cases.
    Icoone allows the figure to be redesigned, creating harmony in the body’s silhouette.



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