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Al-Tamakon For Comprehensive Education

Al-Tamakon For Comprehensive Education was established in the beginning of the academic year 2008-2009, caters for students with learning and other disabilities. Al-Tamakon Comprehensive School For Special Needs  Educational Philosophy was framed in accordance with Salamanca Statement which acknowledged the right of children with special needs to education. During the first academic year, the school was able to offer classes for students from Grade One to Grade Six, and the number of the students increased from 15 in the first semester to 34 students in the second semester. Presently 82 students attend the school and represent various nationalities but majority are from Qatar. All the students are fully assessed by a team of specialists before admission and are only taken if staff feels they can make a difference. The school goal is to provide a happy and stimulating atmosphere in which children can develop both their academic and social skills, as well as acceptable behavior with family, school and community.

Al-Tamakon Comprehensive School For Special Needs had taken initiatives in organizing in ongoing professional development for the staff and hosting workshops and seminars on a larger scale for people to attend across the country.

Statement of Purpose of Al-Tamakon For Comprehensive Education :

  • TO provide quality National Curriculum Education to students with special needs, this includes but is not limited to:
    – Students with Learning Difficulties
    – Students who are slow learners
    – Students with Developmental delays
    – Students with Autism/PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorders)

Disabilities targeted of Al-Tamakon For Comprehensive Education :

  • Attention Deficit Disorders
  •  Dyslexia ( Reading Disabilities) & Dysorthography
  •  Dysgraphia (Writing Disabilities)
  •  Dyscalculia ( Mathematics Disabilities)
  •  Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  •  Intellectual disabilities
  •  Developmental delays
  •  Physical disabilities
  •  Vision/hearing impaired
  •  Seizure disorders
  •  Behavior disorders
  •  Speech & language disorders
  •  Autism/PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorders)
  •  Phonological disability and expressive language disorder
  •  Intellectual Impairment

Philosophy of Al-Tamakon For Comprehensive Education :

  •  All children have a right to obtain an education in the setting most appropriate for his or her needs.
  •  The education of children should take place in the least restrictive, most normalized education setting in which these children can benefit.
  •  All children have the right to access an education that encompasses their spiritual, physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development to prepare them adequately for lifelong learning.

Mission of Al-Tamakon For Comprehensive Education 

To provide an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) through a broad, balanced and inclusive curriculum relevant to the special needs of the students, within the framework of the Qatar National Curriculum and enable students realize their maximum potential physically, socially, emotionally and academically.

Academic Structure of Al-Tamakon For Comprehensive Education 

Curriculum of Al-Tamakon For Comprehensive Education 

  •  Al-Tamakon Comprehensive School adopt Qatar National Curriculum in general
  • Al-Tamakon Comprehensive School Develop Individual Education Plan curriculum to support student learning based on the national curriculum standards and enrich them with various teaching strategies in the school.
  •  The co-ordination and integration of early intervention, assessment and intervention arrangements regarding health conditions, impairments, social/physical barriers to inclusion.
  •  THERAPEUTIC INTERVENTION: In addition to the IEP , TCS provide a therapeutic intervention plan with the goal of remediating children’s weaknesses while building on their strengths. The therapeutic curriculum is individualized and facilitated through input from licensed speech/language therapists, recreational therapists as well as early childhood specialists.
  • Plan and Design the school training and activities in accordance with the student vocational and future career needs.

Determine obstacles and difficulties of Al-Tamakon For Comprehensive Education 

  • Classroom-based assessments used to determine students’ strengths and areas of difficulty.
  • Close Observation of the newcomer students for two weeks.
  • Previous reports from schools, supreme council of education, teachers and other government agencies.
  • Clinical & Medical reports from recognized government hospitals
  • Once a difficulty is recognized, the Individual Educational Plan team which include the Senior Staff and the Teaching Staff determine the need for additional assessments. Key people may include parents, teachers, administrators, support staff and health professionals.
  • A school-based team will be formed to discuss the needs of students experiencing difficulties and to discuss educational options.
  • International tests are used when needed as: Cars, protégé, Stanford beanie.
  • A written content form will be signed by the parent/caregiver before assessments, other than those conducted in class by the teacher, will be conducted.


  • Our evaluation includes an ongoing review of student progress, a School-Based Team review of the services to students throughout the year, and parental satisfaction of the education provided to their children.
  • We monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of our IEP on an ongoing basis to ensure effectiveness and accountability.
  • We provide feedback on the evaluation reports of the students to the parents.
    A student file is set up for all students which includes their report cards, assessment results, signed parent caregiver consent forms, IEP’s and health reports.

Partnership with parents

  • Parents invited in to discuss IEP’s with plan supervisor.
  • Help all families establish home environments to support learning
  • Conduct regular meetings with parents
  • Provide weekly newsletter to parents
  • Provide information through our web site
  • Provide the media with the future plans and activities of the school

Partnership with Schools

  • The TCE deliver Qatar National Curriculum, taking into consideration each student ability to enables students to integrate into public school after the transition.
  •  We work closely with independent, international and other private schools when students transfer in or out of TCE.
  •  Provide students files and information when required.

Supportive Health Services

Speech Therapy

Speech language and swallowing rehabilitation therapy is a service provided by a speech Language  pathologist. We  evaluate and treat the articulation ,language, stuttering, voice, Cognition,and swallowing disorders

Occupational Therapy

The occupational therapy department at AL-TAMAKON school specialized in the treatment of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), sensory-motor deficits, learning disability and neuro developmental disorders. We have highly experienced and certified occupational therapists to set goals and strategies to meet individual need in day to day life at home, at school and within the society.

Children that we see may show weakness in the areas of sensory processing and modulation, oral motor skills, feeding, handwriting, visual motor abilities, perceptual skills, motor planning, self-care performance, muscle strength, postural stability and fine and gross motor skills.

Physical Therapy

In the physiotherapy department we provide are rehabilitative health that use specially designed exercises and equipment to help our special needs students regain or improve their physical abilities.

Sensory Integration

It is one of the therapy programs that integrate all senses together for the child who suffers from sensory disturbane. Our school provides sensory integration sessions in order to develop the perception and to decrease the symptoms of the sensory disturbane that are mostly associated with autistic children. Moreover, it noticeably helps in decreasing repeated behavior if exists or eliminates it .


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