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Al Hayat Medical Center

Al Hayat Medical Center is a private healthcare facility dedicated to patient care. Each year, people throughout Qatar choose Al-Hayat Medical Center for their health care needs, not only because of its excellence in different services, but also because the faculty and staff are dedicated to treating patients with dignity and compassion. We make it a priority to establish a personal relationship with each of our patients.

Our philosophy in Al Hayat Medical Center  is that medical decisions regarding your health should be made by the patient-physician team. Our goal is to provide you with the information and education to make informed decisions. Our job is to apply our medical training, technical expertise, and the latest medical technology available to carry out those decisions.

At present, Al Hayat Medical Center  have, 2 medical centers with six OB/GYN clinics, two Dermatology clinics, two Pediatric clinics, Internal Medicine and Diabetic clinic, two Dental clinics, Cardiology clinic, Radiology & X-Ray, Laboratory, Physiotherapy Unit and two Pharmacies Both the centers are fully equipped with the most advanced technologies including 3D/4D Ultrasound, LPG , Tredmill Test, and Laser Therapy.
Al-Hayat Medical Center Services

Al Hayat Medical Center Services


1. Obstetrics Gynecology Clinic
2. Pediatric Clinic
3. Dental Clinic
4. Internal Medicine and Diabetic Clinic
5. Cardiology Clinic
6. Orthopaedic Clinic
7. Radiology & X-Ray Unit
8. Dermatology & Venerology Clinic
9. Laboratory
10. Physiotherapy Unit
11. Pharmacy

Obstetrics Gynecology Clinic in Al Hayat Medical Center  

1. 3D/4D ultrasonography
2. Monitoring low and high-risk pregnancies
3. Management of recurrent pregnancy losses
4. Premarital and pre-conceptional counseling
5. Diagnosis and management of different gynecological problems
6. Family planning and all kinds of contraceptive methods
7. Management of infertility and hormonal problems
8. Early detection of gynecological cancers
9. Normal deliveries, cesarean sections and gynecological surgeries in private hospitals

Physiotherapy Unit in Al Hayat Medical Center  

1. Prenatal exercise program
2. Postnatal exercise program
3. Weight loss program
4. Anticellulite program using MARS machine.
5. Electrotherapy
6. Ultrasound therapy
7. Hot and cold packs
8. Massages.
9. Diet instructions.
10. Patient education.

Dermatology & Venerology Clinic in Al Hayat Medical Center  

1. Management of all skin, hair and nails diseases.
2. Laser therapy for hirsutism.
3. Laser skin tightening for all types of skin.
4. Management of skin pigmentation and neavus
5. Management of wrinkles using botox and fillers.

Pediatric Clinic in Al Hayat Medical Center  

1. Healthy child care
2. Nutrition programs
3. Vaccines
4. Child Development & Behavior Following.
5. Treatment of learning troubles
6. Treatment of acute and chronic diseases
7. Treatment of orthopedic disorders in children

Dental Clinic in Al Hayat Medical Center  

1. Teeth Whitening.
2. Cosmetic Fillings.
3. Ceramic Crowns & Bridges.
4. Endodontic Treatment
5. Gingival Treatment.

Cardiology Clinic in Al Hayat Medical Center  

1. Routine examination for prevention of cardiovascular diseases in patient with risk factors and follow up of all               Patients with Cardiovascular Diseases.
2. ECG and Vectorcariogram
3. Exercise Test
4. Echocardiography at rest and after exercise
5. Echodoppler of the Carotid Arteries and Transcranial Echodoppler
6. Echodoppler of the Veins of the Lower Limbs
7. Echodoppler of the Arteries of the Lower Limbs
8. Explorations For Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
9. Holter
10. Holter with 24 Hours SPO2 Monitoring at Home

Internal Medicine Clinic in Al Hayat Medical Center  

1. High blood pressure.
2. Diabetes, Obesity, and complications.
3. High cholesterol, triglycerides, and uric acid.
4. Bone metabolic disease and joints problems.
5. Blood diseases and coagulation disorders.
6. Thyroid gland dysfunctions and hormonal abnormalities.
7. Cancer early diagnosis.
8. Annual medical check up for young adults and elderly.
9. Colon disorders and dyspepsia.

Laboratory in Al Hayat Medical Center  

• Chemistry
• Cytology
• Endocrinology
• Hematology
• Histopathology
• Immunology
• Microbiology
• Parasitology
• Serology

Radiology & X-Ray Unit in Al Hayat Medical Center  

1. Ultrasound
2. Digital X-Ray
3. Dental Panorama

Pharmacy in Al Hayat Medical Center  

Al Hayat Medical Center  Pharmacy opens during the working hours of the center from 8 AM to 10 PM.



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