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Aamal Medical

Aamal Medical Co. was formed in 2006 as a result of the Board of Director’s decision to operate Medical Devices & Consumables under a new, separate entity. Prior to this Aamal Medical was a division run by Ebn Sina Medical. Aamal Medical is specialized in the trading of all medical devices and consumables supplying IT health care solutions and is positioned as a market leader in Qatar.

Under Aamal Medical, we have the following departments:

  • Sales & Marketing19
  • Service & Technical
  • Finance
  • Administration & Secretary
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Quality
  • Information Technology (IT)

Vision of Aamal Medical

Being a leading organization in the healthcare domain in Qatar, we aim to continue providing superior customer experience by offering differentiated diversified product technologies and innovativeand innovative turnkey solutions while delivering quality products and services with a high level of integrity and competence to our end-users.

Business Strategy

We constantly focus on identifying our market’s requirements and maximizing the effective usage of our resources, to ensure a better understanding of the growing demands within the local healthcare sector in Qatar. By building on the well-entrenched reputation of Aamal Medical, and providing the most technologically advanced solutions in the medical field, aligned with supporting Aamal’s team of professionals with consistent development programs, we aim to maintain and enhance our leadership stance while offering our clients an overall distinguished experience. Aamal Medical is committed to supplying the Qatari market with high quality medical devices and consumables through a dedicated and skilled sales & technical team. Aamal Medical is one of the main players in the IT healthcare market and has received awards for its distinguished performance by Hamad Medical Corporation and other authorities.In Qatar we have delivered the first Health Information System (HIS), Total Solutions for Pharmacy Automation and Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) in addition to Complete Integrated Operating Room Solutions. Aamal Medical is specialized in total package solution projects particularly in the total solutions of the operation theatres and the total solution of pharmacy automation

Aamal Medical Products Services

• Anaesthesia Machines • Audiometry Booths • Auto Refractometers
• Autoclave Units • Automated External Defibrillators • Automated Medication Dispensing Systems
• Automatic Triatrators • Bed Head Units • Bed Side Monitor
• Bedpan Washers • Biosurgery Products • BIS Monitors
• Blood Bank Refrigerators • Blood Donor Chairs • Blood Processing Systems
• Bone Densitometry Machines • Capnography Monitors • Cerebral Oximeters
• Chest Compression Devices • Colposcopy Units • CPAP/BIPAP Ventilators
• Dental Treatment Units • Dermatology Laser Machines • Diagnostic Sets
• Dialysis Chairs • Dialysis Machines • Digital X-Ray Viewers
• Disposable Syringes & Needles IV Consumables • ECG Machines • Echocardiography Machines
• Electric Patient Beds • Electrical Impedance Tomography • Electro Surgical Units
• Electronic Precision Balance Scales • Electronic Thermometers • Emergency Carts
• Endo-mechanical Surgical Staplers • Endoscopy Storage Cabinets • Endoscopy Washers
• Endo-therapy Accessories ( for Gastro and Interventional Bronchoscopy) • Endo-Urology Products • ENT Navigation Systems
• ENT Treatment Units • Enteral Feeding Pumps • Examination Lights
• Extra Corporeal Shockwave Lithotripsy Systems • Feed & Food Analyzer • Flexible Scopes (Multidisciplinary)
• Gastro-enterology& Video Endoscopy Systems • Gynecology Treatment Units • Healthcare IT Solutions
• HIS/LIS • Hospital Furniture • Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers
• ICU Pendants • Infant Incubators • Infusion Pump Machines
• Integrated Operating Room Solution • Intra Ocular Lenses • Intra Oral Cameras
• Laboratory Refrigerators • Laboratory Safety Cabinets • Laboratory Scales
• Linear Accelerators • Macerators • Medical Gases components
• Medical Weighing Scales • Medication Carts • Modular Operating Room Solution
• Mortuary Equipment • Neonatal Care Products • Oncology Management System
• Operating Rooms Pendants • Ophthalmic laser • Ophthalmology Equipment
• OR Supply Dispensing Stations • Orthopaedic Instruments • PACS Viewers
• Peritoneal Dialysis • Phaco Machine • Pharmaceutical Refrigerators
• Pharmacy Shelving • Physiological Monitoring Solutions • Physiotherapy Equipment
• Portable Sleep Monitors • Pulse Oximeters • Radiology X Ray Systems – DR & CR
• Respiratory Consumables • Respiratory Equipment • Resuscitators , Training Mannequins
• Reverse Osmosis Unit • Rhapsody Integration Engine • RIS/PACS
• Robotic Medication Dispensing Systems • Robotic Radiosurgery Systems • Sequential Compression Devices
• Sterilization Containers • Suction Units • Surgical & Medical Consumables
• Surgical Carts • Surgical Control Panels • Surgical Endoscopy and Laparoscopy Towers
• Surgical Instrumentation • Surgical Microscopes • Surgical Operating Lights
• Surgical Operating Tables • Surgical Scrub Sinks • Sutures and Meshes
• Syringe Pumps • Tablet Counter Machine • Tablet Dispensing and pre-packing System
• Telecommunication Equipment • Thermometers • Topography Systems
• Ultrasonic Tissue Ablation Devices • Ultrasound Machines • Ventilators
• Vessel Sealing Devices • Vital Signs Monitor • Warming Blankets



  • Aamal Tower, Dafna Area.
  • 44039550 / 44039555 / 44888 494
  • aamalmed@qatar.net.qa
  • www.aamalmed.com
  • 44039551

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    7AM - 8PM
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