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A multi-specialty medical center affiliated with the private medical sector in the State of Qatar.

Founded in 2021 by Dr. Zafer Esmandar

Dr. Zafer worked as a gynecologist and obstetrician in Qatar starting in the beginning of 2008 and practiced his profession between Al Hayat Medical Center and private hospitals such as Al Ahli, Doha Clinic, and Al Emadi. During these ten years, Dr. Esmandar created a good impressionwith the patients based on credibility and medical competence, which encouraged him to open the Dr. Zafer Esmandar Center for Obstetrics and Gynecology, and after the successful experience, the center was expanded to include dermatology, laser and cosmetic clinics, and the name of the center was changed to Wise Medical Center.

Wise means (Hakeem), and it is the beloved nickname for any doctor. In addition, the letters of this word in English are the beginning of four words that we respect their connotations.

Wise (Wellness, Integrity, Safety and Elegance)

Our concern has always been to provide the correct medical service based on scientific evidence, following medical protocols, respecting patient privacy and rights, and with a high level of medical professionalism, using the latest medical devices, and adhering to the instructions and guidelines of the Qatari Ministry of Health


Obstetrics and Gynecology

When we talk about women’s health, specialization appears as a first criterion that gives us confidence in the field of obstetrics and gynecology providing the best medical care for pregnant women in our obstetrics and gynecology clinic over the years. 

We are specialized in women’s health and everything related to it, including gynecological examination, diagnosis and treatment of gynecological diseases, which is a necessity to maintain the health and safety of the woman’s reproductive system, increase chances of pregnancy, and enjoy a healthy and happy life. We have the experience that qualify us to follow up and treat complicated gynecological cases , recurrent miscarriages and normal to high-risk pregnancies.

All of this is done under the supervision of an elite of  the best gynecologists in Qatar, in a highly comfortable environment and an ideal sterilization system, keeping pace with the latest technologies and methods of treatment, and providing the best modern medical devices to monitor the health of women and the fetus.

Gynecology Services

  1. Physical Examinations
  2. Breast Examinations
  3. Contraception and family planning
  4. Infertility testing and consultation
  5. Menopausal therapy
  6. Pap smears
  7. PMS therapy
  8. Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Screening
  9. Pelvic ultrasound abdominal and transvaginal.
  10. Correction of rectocele (posterior repair)
  11. Bartholin glands disorders management
  12. Evaluation and treatment for excessive menstrual flow
  13. Cervical polyp and endometrial polyps removal.
  14. Diagnostic hysteroscopy
  15. Dilatation and curettage.
  16. Evaluation of urinary incontinence and referring them to urogynecologist if confirmed.
  17. Management of abnormal Pap smear
  18. Referring suspicious pelvic cancer to oncology centre
  19. Excision genital warts -skin tags by advanced laserVaginal tightening by co2 lase machine
  20. Cryocautery for cervical ectropion or chronic cervicitis.

Obstetrics Services​

  • Initial Visit / OB work up:
    1. Complete history
    2. Complete physical
    3. Lab tests according due guidelines and history
  • Subsequent visits:
    1. First and Second Trimester Genetic Screening
    2. Urinalysis
    3. Weight
    4. Blood Pressure
    5. Fundal height measurement (>20 weeks)
    6. Fetal heart tones (>12 weeks)
  • Ultrasounds:
    1. Fetal Monitoring including CTG if indicated
    2. Prenatal workups
    3. Regular prenatal visits/check-ups
    4. Delivery at the local hospitals normal, assisted and C-section
    5. Early detection of high risk pregnancies and referring them to F.M.U.
    6. Cervical cerclage in indicated cases,
    7. Medical and surgical termination of missed miscarriages if indicated.


  1. Ultrasound GE Voluson S10 Machine
  2. GE Voluson S8 Ultrasound Machine
  3. Cryosurgery System CR-201
  4. FemiLift

Dermatology and Aesthetic

Because healthy glowing skin awareness has increased in both women and men equally, we are providing superior and specialized care to achieve the best results in our dermatology and beauty clinic.

We have many services including hair and nail problems treatments, diagnosing and treating a wide range of skin diseases and lesions . in addition to a wide range of the latest global cosmetic services. We provide the best and safest substances . As well as  the latest medical, Laser and cosmetic devices for skin care and treatments.

In our clinic, we guarantee that our services, in addition to specialization and modernity, are provided by the hands and the supervision of the best dermatologist in Qatar, thus forming an integrated, safe, and ideal medical care that you are looking for.

Dermatology clinic services

  1. Hair problems treatment
  2. Acne Treatment.
  3. nail problems treatment
  4. Skin diseases treatment (fungal infections, eczema…
  5. Removal of birthmarks and skin tags ..
  6. Pigmentation, melasma, and freckles treatment
  7. Scars treatment (acne and after operation scars )
  8. Skin cracks and pregnancy breakouts treatment

Aesthetic services

  1. Laser hair removal
  2. Skin cleaning
  3. Exfoliation and Body lightening
  4. Mesotherapy injections
  5. Botox injections
  6. Filler injections
  7. Plasma injection (PRP) for hair and face.
  8. Laser removal of angioplasty
  9. Laser tattoo removal
  10. Carbon peeling
  11. Skin rejuvenation and laser wrinkle removal.
  12. Baby face injections
  13. Dermapen sessions


  1. Thunder MT
  2. The Asset laser
  3. Hydratouch H2
  4. Alma pixel co2
  5. Derma pen

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