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Dr. Mohamad Amine Zbeib Polyclinic

Established in 1991, Dr Mohamad Amine Zbeib’s polyclinic is dedicated to providing the best personalised healthcare with a breadth of medical expertise.

To provide integrated health care services that are comprehensive, patient-centered, and affordable.

To be the first and continuous point of contact for high quality, accessible, and safe health care services

Core Values


By constantly seeking more suitable and easier healthcare methods.


Our main goal is our patients’ comfort and convenience.


We share knowledge and work together closely for the benefit of our patients.


Providing high quality care that is safe, effective and focused on patient experience.

Why Choose Dr. Mohamad Amine Zbeib Polyclinic?

Experienced Doctors In Every Specialty.

We have experienced doctors in every specialty. We spend with you the time you need, carefully listen to your health concerns, and provide you with a full comprehensive consultation.

Healthcare From Several Perspectives.

Our doctors collaborate and work together as one team. At Dr. Mohamad Amine Zbeib Polyclinic, doctors will explain your health issue from several perspectives, and give you a wider understanding that answers all your questions and concerns.

Dr. Mohamad Amine Zbeib Polyclinic Services

Our Specialities
Specialties in all modern medical fields are available

Internal Medicine
Management of heart diseases, hypertension & diabetes mellitus.


Specialized in managing Hypertension, Kidney and Urinary tract diseases. Management of Internal medicine diseases

General Medicine

Treatment of chronic illnesses and provides preventive care.

Geriatric Medicine

Preventing and treating diseases in older adults.

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Care services for women in the stages before and after birth.

Concerned with the physical and social health of children.


Dental treatments are carried out to prevent common oral diseases.

Cosmetic Dentistry
Aesthetic procedures to resolve chipped teeth, gaps and staining.


Treatment of crooked teeth and management of the growth of the jaws.

Ultrasound Scanning

It is used see internal body structures such as tendons and joints.


The laboratory where tests are usually done on clinical specimen.


The safe and effective use of therapeutics to improve health.

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