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Al Razi Medical Center is A modern out-patient poly-clinic that provides high quality medical services with advanced experience, in a comfortable environment. Al Razi Medical Center is now amongst the Qatar’s leading healthcare service provider today and well known brand  providing state-of-the-art medical care to the Qatar’s citizens and residents. All dedicated to making the country a benchmark for superior healthcare solutions. The team of physicians handpicked on the basis of their exemplary credentials and expertise in diagnosis and treatment.

Al Razi Medical Center Services

Public Health & General Medicine

Public health and general medicine clinic is supervised by Dr. Waiel M. Humus, who graduated from the University of Damascus, had training in medicine and pediatrics in Damascus hospital, and he had training for 2 years in the field of public health.
He has a long-standing experience in general medicine, chronic and acute conditions, and emergencies.
The clinic is open during the working hours, but can receive patients at any time when necessary.
If you have an emergency or urgent condition, just call our receptionist at 40219800 or call Dr. Waiel directly at 33165782.

Dermatology/consultation clinic

Medical Care Center has several dermatology clinics that are equipped with the most modern and sophisticated machines. The dermatology clinic receives patients for the diagnoses and treatment of all dermatology disorders.
We are specially equipped and experienced for:
Hair removal with laser machines.
Removal of freckles and pigmentations
Wrinkle removal
Botox treatment for wrinkles and excessive sweating
Application of fillers for face and lips.
Removal of scars caused by acne
Treatment of cellulite by Radiofrequency
Treatment of most of the above mentioned conditions by the new FRAXIL laser system, which is considered the most developed and the newest in machine in the field.

Dental Clinic-1
Dental clinic-1 is supervised by Dr. Yaman Al-Laham who is certified by the Arab Board in Oral, Maxillo-Facial surgery. He has vast experience in Dental Medicine in general and in his specialty as a surgeon.
The clinic receives and treat all conditions related to dental problems, mouth and jaw conditions.
We also perform dental implantation, dental cosmetic treatments, and whitening of the teeth.
The clinic is equipped with sophisticated machines like CAD CAM, Zoom-3, and WAVE ONE.
Our procedures are performed under strict sterile conditions.
 Now, Lumineers is available in our Dental Clinic, performed by Dr. Yaman Al-Laham, certified by Lumineers USA

Dermatology/GentleMax Laser

 Gentle Max is a well known modern laser machine for hair removal.Do not hesitate to visit us to see our capabilities.

DermatologySpectra and Crystal

 spectra Laser System is specially designed tooffer you solutions for acne scars,pigmentations,prominent skin pores,and many other skin conditions.
please visit our clinic for consultation.

Dermatology/Med Contour

 Med Contour is a system that uses ultra-sound waves to manipulate and reduce fat deposits in selected areas of the body. it is used in conjunction with other procedures and treatments to improve body shape

Dermatology/Oxy System

 Oxy system is used to improve and rejuvenate the skin of the face.

Dermatology/ Fraxel

 Modern and sophisticated laser system indicated for the treatment of skin conditions like wrinkles, pigmentation, scars, acne scars, and stretch marks that result from pregnancy and weight loss.

Dermatology/Smooth Shape/ Body Massage

 This clinic is equipped with smooth shapes systems and body massager, which is used to modify body contour and manage excessive localized fat deposits to give you better shape and appearance.

Blood Drawing Unit (Medical Laboratory)

We can take samples to perform all medical laboratory test.
Most result will be available in the same day.

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation- 1

Dr. Fehmi is graduated of Tunisian University of Health. specialist in physiotherapy and rehabilitation. He has a long experience in physiotherapy from hospitals, clinics and sports club.

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation- 2

Dr. Mouna Karchoud is graduated of Tunisian University of Health. specialist in physiotherapy and rehabilitation. She has a long experience in physiotherapy from hospitals, clinics .


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