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Gulf Medical Company

Gulf Medical Company (GMC) initiated its consultation services for operating theatre and ICU renovations, along with the build-up of turnkey projects in 2001

When Gulf Medical Company started 1983, I had a vision to bring the most innovative and state-of-the-art medical technology to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf. Today, more than three decades on that vision not only lives on but continues to gain momentum. Thanks to our customers and suppliers who contributed with precision and excellence to enrich this vision.

The acquisition of the House of Naghi in 1992 and its great financial strength gives stability to the company and allows it to realize its tremendous growth potential both in its desired areas of specialization as well as in geographical areas of coverage. During the last 15 years Gulf Medical Company has been witnessing a steady growth of 30-40% yearly to become the market leader in Saudi Arabia in its specialty. Gulf Medical Company continues its mission to play a significant role in developing the skills of leading medical practitioners.

For the first time in the Middle East, Gulf Medical Company has introduced the Robotic Surgical technology at the King Khaled University Hospital Riyadh (KKUH), the King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center Riyadh, King Fahad Specialist Hospital Dammam, King Abdul Aziz university Hospital Jeddah (KAUHJ) and King Fahad National Guard Hospital Riyadh (KFNGH) where all operations were conducted successfully.

For the first time in the Middle East, Gulf Medical Company have successfully introduced OR-1 Systems at King Faisal Specialist & Research Center Riyadh, ARAMCO Dhahran, King Khaled University Hospital Riyadh, five new OR-1 Systems at the King Fahd National Guard Hospitals in Riyadh, Jeddah and Al Hofuf, we installed 8 OR-1 rooms at King Fahad Hospital Gizan and 8 rooms at King Fahd Hospital Jeddah & we are now installing 8 more rooms at King Abdul Aziz University Hospital Jeddah in addition to 4 New rooms at King Khaled University Hospital Riyadh. During 2009/2010 we installed OR-1 14 rooms at the King Abdullah Medical City in Mena. We completed the 8 rooms at Aseer Central Hospital, in addition to the 4 rooms at King Faisal Specialist Hospital Jeddah. Today more than 200 digital O.R. rooms been installed successfully Kingdom wide.

Gulf Medical Company installed the First CyberKnife Robotic assisted Radio Surgery System in the Middle East at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center in Riyadh, 2 more system installations during this year at the National Guard Hospitals Jeddah & Riyadh in addition to one more system at the King Khaled University Hospital Riyadh. The great business development of Carl Zeiss, Maquet Surgical Work Place, Getinge & Maquet Critical Care did enhance our market leader position in the area & will help in keeping the momentum of the steady yearly double digit growth for some years to come.

Gulf Medical Company the Service department is taking a lot of the higher management attention to make sure we are exceeding our customers expectations. Our most recent acquisition of AGFA & TOSHIBA will enhance the power of our Turn Key project department to be the only supplier in the Kingdom capable of quoting almost 100% of a complete Hospital project.

Human resource development being the core of Gulf Medical Company investment in the past few years, Gulf Medical Company always makes sure that they recruit highly professional, dedicated and multilingual workforce of biomedical engineers and health care specialists. To cope with the growing need of the market, GMC highly invests in continuously educating and training its employees and in increasing the workforce as required.

Gulf Medical Company ,Designing an efficient medical facility is like creating a work of art! However, it’s anticipated a work of art will last forever, whereas a medical facility must be created with the potential for continuous upgrading to keep abreast of rapidly changing developments for some time to come.

Gulf Medical Company (GMC) initiated its consultation services for operating theatre and ICU renovations, along with the build-up of turnkey projects in 2001. Since then GMC’s vision has continuously expanded to meet future needs, international healthcare standards, and customer requirements. As a result, GMC has become the leading provider of turn-key healthcare solutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Today, Gulf Medical Company continues to expand its capabilities and services to include the renovation and build-up of operating theatres, intensive care units, emergency rooms, outpatient clinics, as well as total hospital renewal through integrated and customized environments.

At the core of Gulf Medical Company approach is a commitment to understand and customize each project according to the client’s clinical requirements and work flow expectations. Gulf Medical Company process ensures experienced planning, optimal design, project management, and execution tailored to meet the client’s specific requirements. Gulf Medical’s sales consultants work hand-in-hand with the client’s team to improve ergonomics, enhance workflow, and effectively integrate emerging technologies for better patient care, now and into the future.

Gulf Medical Experience

Gulf Medical Company realized that the vast increase in market demand towards total renovation and the provision of complete healthcare solutions, combined with the inevitable need of continuously meeting our customers’ requirements, cannot be maintained without planning the correct infrastructure that serves this purpose.

In a move to meet market potential and customer requirements, GMC invested in a fully independent Projects Planning & Development Division, consisting of eight primary teams:

  • OR Unit
  • ICU Unit
  • Modular workplaces solutions Unit
  • Design Team
  • Planning and Quality Control Team
  • Projects Management Team
  • Service & Maintenance Team
  • Implementation Team

The Projects Planning & Development division has integrated product specialists, designers, project implementation and MEP engineers, quality control and service engineers, to address customer needs in all major cities throughout the Kingdom. The Division personnel are physically based in Riyadh, Qassim, Jeddah, Abha, Madina, Dammam and Al Hassa.

Gulf Medical Company experience in Projects Planning and Development goes beyond the internal capabilities of the teams, and spreads externally to the products and solutions we represent.

Gulf Medical Company is proud to be the sole distributer of the world’s most advanced medical supplier:-

  • Karl Storz Endoscopy (manufacturer of the OR1 system – the most sold OR integration solution)
  • MAQUET SW Gmbh (most reputed OR table, ceiling supply units, surgical lights, and modular OR and ICU rooms
    manufacturer around the globe)
  • GETINGE (most reputed CSSD and sterilization equipment provider).
  • DIRTT (Worldwide Most Well known Modular workspace solution provider)

The collective resources of GULF MEDICAL COMPANY and its suppliers: KARL STORZ, MAQUET, DIRTT and NMG ensures that our clients have a dedicated design and implementation team at their disposal. No third party outsourcing in project design and implementation except for minor civil work that is completely supervised and managed by GMC. Therefore, the customer is ensured optimal and prompt project delivery with no delay and only ONE party who has THE technical knowhow to follow up and coordinate your project.

Today,Gulf Medical Company leads the OR renovation and OR integration market in KSA. With more than 180 O.T.’s renovated and 120 OR1 systems installed, GMC heads this market by an 80% share with more than 160 beds of Modular ICU installations, which includes the modular state-of-the-art technology– the first ICU installations of its kind in the globe.

As Gulf Medical Company are aiming to lead the market in innovation & provide the healthcare givers with the best possible solutions, we extended our turnkey solutions to provide our Modular Workspace interiors for Outpatient Clinics, Patient wards, Labs, Lobbies and Reception areas.

With a common mission to continuously upgrade knowledge and delivery of projects, GMC assures its clients to always deliver highly optimized solutions that meet the required international standards and building codes, while minimizing the bottlenecks for better space-management and circulation. GMC’s expertise, affects the outcome of any intervention, while enhancing patient safety, overall recovery with a decreased morbidity.



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