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About National Cancer Programme

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​Welcome to the official website for Qatar’s National Cancer Programme (NCP). Here you will find all the important information you need, from basic facts about cancer to the many cancer related services offered in Qatar.

The National Cancer Programme was initiated by the Supreme Council of Health upon review of international evidence on what excellent cancer care looks like. The programme acts as a framework that outlines the national approach for dealing with cancer in the State of Qatar. The programme is based on a five year National Cancer Strategy which commenced in 2011 and is set to complete in 2016. It aims to reduce the burden of cancer in the State of Qatar whilst ensuring that where cancer services are required they are among the best in the world to facilitate improved cancer outcomes.

The National Cancer Programme works on educating the society about cancer through numerous high profile awareness campaigns emphasizing the importance of early detection, whichis thought to increase the chance of successful treatment and overall cancer outcomes.

When cancer is suspected, rapid and definitive diagnosis is needed to confirm or rule out the possibility of cancer. Arguably, the strategy’s most ambitious goal is to refer patients with suspected cancer on a 48 hour referral pathway. It is expected that a potential cancer patient is seen in a secondary care setting by a specialist within a 48 hour timeframe. The treatment is patient centered, utilizing the latest technology and providing appropriately trained physicians to ensure high quality treatment for the patient. The programme also lays the foundation for providing ongoing care to cancer patients even after the treatment stops, through regular follow-ups and check –ups.
In summary, the National Cancer Programme strives for the provision of world class and efficient cancer care services for the State of Qatar. The programme enjoys the necessary support of all its stakeholders and partners, including national regulatory bodies. It is backed by strong political commitment and is ratified at the highest levels of the government. Within two years, the programme achieved 75% initiation rates of the strategy’s listed recommendations, and will undergo constant evaluation to ensure the consistency of the results and to measure its overall efficiency.

For more details please refer to National Cancer Program


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